Preparing Herbs


Dosages suggested in any formula are for an adult of average wight. Age and Weight do play a factor in determining the correct dosage.


Age Weight
Age Recommended Daily Dosage Weight Recommended Daily Dosage
0-1 month old 1/18 – 1/14 of adult dose 30-40 lbs 20% – 27% of adult dose
1-6 months old 1/14 – 1/7 of adult dose 40-50 lbs 27% – 33% of adult dose
6-12 months old 1/7 – 1/5 of adult dose 50-60 lbs 33% – 40% of adult dose
1-2 years old 1/7 – 1/5 of adult dose 60-70 lbs 40% – 47% of adult dose
2-4 years old 1/4 – 1/3 of adult dose 70-80 lbs 47% – 53% of adult dose
4-6 years old 1/3 – 2/5 of adult dose 80-100 lbs 53% – 67% of adult dose
6-9 years old 2/5 – 1/2 of adult dose 100-120 lbs 67% – 80% of adult dose
9-14 years old 1/2 – 2/3 of adult dose 120-150 lbs 80% – 100% of adult dose
14-18 years old 2/3 – full adult dose 150-200 lbs 100% – 133% of adult dose
18-60 years old full adult dose 200-250 lbs 133% – 167% of adult dose
60+ years old 3/4 of adult dose or less 250-300 lbs 167% – 200% of adult dose



This is your standard method of extraction. About 1 tablespoon of herbs used are steeped in 8 oz. boiling water for about 5-10 minutes.


Similar to infusions, however the boiling time is longer to extract more of the constituents. This is also the method used for roots, barks and seeds.

Take 3 cups of water plus the about 1 cup of the herbs used. Boil for 20 minutes. The water will boil down to about 1 ½ cups. Strain the liquid and set to the side. Pour in another 3 cups of water into the pot with the same herbs and boil again for another 20 minutes. Strain. Mix the two batches of liquid to even out the strength. Drink one cup a day. One-half a cup can be drunk in the morning and one-half at night. Refrigerate any unused portion.

Cold Extract

Place herbs in water and allow to steep for 8-12 hours.


Poultices are made by applying the herbs which have been boiled directly to the skin. This is then covered with a patch to keep the herbs in place


mix cooked herbs with cooked oatmeal or cornmeal. Apply as you would a poultice.


Soak a cloth into an infusion and decoction wring out the excess and apply as hot as possible to the affected area of the body.

Cold Compress

Soak a cloth into a cooled infusion or decoction. Leave on until warmed by body heat. Repeat as necessary.


Grind dried plant parts until you have a powder. Powder can be taken with another drink, sprinkled on food, or swallowed. The can also be placed into gelatin caps. A “OO” cap holds about 15 grains . The average dosage is about the amount you pick up on the end of a dinner knife.


Syrups are made by boiling the ingredients in honey and then straining through a cheesecloth.


Lozenges are made by boiling the honey for about 20 – 30 minutes. The drop a bit of the honey into a cool cup of water. When the honey forms into a soft ball it is ready to be made into lozenges. Drop a small amount onto a piece of parchment paper.


Tinctures are made by placing herbs in a jar and covering the herbs with alcohol.. a teaspoon of tincture can be administered directly or in a cup of hot tea or juice. For those who do not wish to use alcohol, vegetable glycerin can be used instead.

Medicinal Wine

Medicinal wine is made by placing a single dosage of powdered herbs into a glass of warmed red wine.


Mix equal parts of mixture with olive or other oils. Boil for about 20 minutes. Remove from heat and strain. Add a drop of tincture of benzoin as a preservative


Mix one part melted beeswax with five parts oil mixture. Add more oil or beeswax to obtain the desired consistency. Salves can also be made by mixing tinctures and essential oils with with other ingredients such as petroleum jelly.

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