Nature Makes Well to Reopen Summer 2018

Nature Makes Well will be reopening this summer sometime in late July or August.   at our new location 334 Green Valley Dr.   Bastrop TX 78749   The new location will allow us a wide variety of options including the ability to host other practitioners as well as providing teaching gardens and an eventual retreat center.

More information is forthcoming


Storing Herbs


Because light affects herbs adversely, It is best to store herbs in airtight jars that are either ceramic, or translucent. Jars such as amber or cobalt work well. Plastic jars tend to absorb the oils from the herbs, so glass is preferable. Even if you do not have access to these types of jars it is best to store them in a cool dark cupboard or cabinet.

Raw herbs have varying shelf lives The general rule of thumb is six months for leaves. One year for seeds and soft roots. About a year and a half to two years for barks and hard roots. Freezing extends the life by about 50-60% but can damage the herbs if not stored properly.

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